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When performance counts
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FWA’s Core Business

Our Mantra

Our business model is simple – to connect your business with the best manufacturer for your product needs.

Filter Worlds is all about transparency. We are the conduit between you and your ideal filter manufacturer. Just pay a small procurement fee on us finding you the right supplier and after your first delivery simply pay us an ongoing trailing commission ( 5 %) on subsequent orders. Unlike trading companies focused on profit gouging Filter World will connect you with the best possible suppliers to fit your product requirements .

We believe transparency is the key to a mutually rewarding and ongoing commercial business relationship between you, Filter World and your manufacturer. Everyone wins .

Market Applications

Whether you’re servicing the local domestic, commercial or industrial market we will source the best filtration product your customer is looking for. In todays overcrowded e commerce trading platforms its often difficult to source the right product . How do you verify quality ,performance and reliability . Your customer will expect that you have . Then theres those other consideration , filter testing, certification and warranty. That's what we can do for you allowing you to focus and get on with what you do best ,sales ,marketing and increasing turnover.

A Quick Glance at our Product Range


Whether its a benchtop, under sink or whole of house system our manufacturers list is extensive with access to a wide range of quality potable water domestic systems. One of Filter Worlds hallmarks is its awareness of the potential erosion in customer bottom line profits when product failures, warranty claims and recalls surface. These factors should always play a major consideration in your product selection. Local plumbing regulations, static and flowing water pressures and local water source quality are often neglected in product selections. Our experienced team can help you navigate and traverse these often hidden or out of mind factors that should play an important role in product and manufacturer selection . Theres no one system or product that suits all global needs .Here’s just a small sample of our most popular domestic manufacturers designs that suit potable water filtration


Our commercial filtration manufacturing partners are all ISO certified and can supply fully validated performance test reports on selected products. When government minimum standards are a prerequisite we will be there to guide and recommend which partner fits your requirements. This avoids post sale issues like field failures and potential recalls. When quality , reliability and brand reputation is at stake Filter World Asia is there to guide you. Here are just a few examples of our manufacturers quality products

Food & Beverage

Over the past decade we have developed excellent business relationships with quality, reliable and competitive food and beverage filter manufacturers .So whether your looking for a wine lenticular filter, a coalescer or an absolute rated membrane for your food fermentation business , we will connect you with the right supplier. Our manufacturers conduct both in house testing regimes as well as outsourcing third party independent batch testing Our most popular food and beverage product lines include:


If your business is oil or gas let us provide you with some cost effective quality alternative manufacturers to those commonly used throughout the industry. As costs escalate and bottom line margins start becoming unmanageable , Filter World has assembled a group of quality aftermarket filter manufacturers not widely known within the industry. In field trials and testing has proven these alternate suppliers can match filter performance with the bigger well established suppliers at significantly lower price points .
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